On, Wisconsin

My otherwise dreary Tuesday afternoon was livened up today with the news that Trapper Schoepp has a new album coming out. I wrote about Trapper a few weeks back. He is a singer-songwriter based in Wisconsin. The album features a song called “On, Wisconsin”, named after the University of Wisconsin Badgers fight song. The song... Continue Reading →

I Forget What Eight Was For…

Going into my freshman year of high school, most of the music I listened to was pretty standard. It was the stuff you would hear on classic rock radio, or just regular rock radio at the time. I’m not sure who I would have identified as my favorite band, but it was probably John Mellencamp... Continue Reading →

The New Ballad of Hollis Brown

A few years back I lived in an apartment complex next to a couple of friends. We all went to a weekly bar trivia night once a week and took turns being designated driver. I never minded driving because if there’s one thing in this world that I love it’s forcing people to listen to... Continue Reading →

Winning Culture

I have a new weekly column for 'Tap Into Lower Merion & Narbeth'. This is a local online newspaper serving the Main Line areas of Philadelphia. I'll be writing each week about the Sixers. You can find my column in the sports section, with the name 'Winning Culture'. I hope you'll give it a read.

All the Freaks Gather Round

The best argument I can make for keeping an open mind about different musical genres and bands is that for the better part of my life one of my favorite bands is a four piece dream pop outfit that broke up in 1996 after releasing only two albums. In my musical biography, Belly are an... Continue Reading →


Periodically I get the urge to writing something along the lines of a musical biography. The basic idea being tracking all the music I’ve loved and talking about what was going on at the time that I discovered it, or why it meant a lot to me. It always sounds like a fun project with... Continue Reading →

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