Another Day of Anger

Somehow Bob Dylan knows when I’m in my darkest moments. There’ve been a few over the last few weeks. It seems like each time I feel like giving up on the world and crawling into a hole, he releases a new song. The first was a 17-minute long meditation, next came a smaller five-minute sermon,... Continue Reading →

Trust the Process

My birthday recently past and as a gift my poet friend David Shoemaker wrote a poem for me. I was, and remain blown away by both the gesture and the result. If you saw me on the Captain Blue Hen Comics Creator Spotlight the other night, I mentioned a book by Dave. You should buy... Continue Reading →

Murder Most Foul

This evening I sat down at my computer to do some editing on a podcast I’m launching. Before I got started, I did a quick scan on social media and was reminded that Bob Dylan had released a new song late yesterday called “Murder Most Foul.” I was reminded of this by a Facebook post... Continue Reading →

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