Murder Most Foul

This evening I sat down at my computer to do some editing on a podcast I’m launching. Before I got started, I did a quick scan on social media and was reminded that Bob Dylan had released a new song late yesterday called “Murder Most Foul.” I was reminded of this by a Facebook post... Continue Reading →

If I Still Believe Come Monday Morning

Somehow I had never heard of the band Avoid One Thing until last week. I was aimlessly scrolling through the social media wasteland when incredible artist Nan Coffey posted that her friend Joe Gittleman had a new album coming out. I pay attention when people who clearly have superior taste (seriously, browse her site) recommend... Continue Reading →


The other day while aimlessly scrolling through twitter Nathanial Freedman, of Free Darko fame, posted a link to Wilson Pickett’s cover of “Hey Jude”. I’d never heard the version before so I clicked on the link and was utterly blown away.  It was one of those moments where I was instantly enthralled by every aspect... Continue Reading →

I’d Like To See You Make Me Move

It’s a warm late August night and I’ve got Hollis Brown’s latest ‘Ozone Park’ on the turntable. It’s the kind of album that was written for this kind of night. Some albums are winter albums, some are spring day albums, some are for weddings, some are for divorce. Ozone park is for driving around on... Continue Reading →

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