Travelogue: Montreal

The first time I was in Montreal I was nine or ten. My mom, brother, and I were staying in my uncle's cabin in Vermont and drive over the border to visit the city overnight. I don’t remember much of the trip other than we visited a fort and it rained. At some point in... Continue Reading →

In My Heart Was an Achin’ Pain

‘Dink’s Song’ is an old American folk song. It’s sometimes called ‘Fare Thee Well’, which makes more sense when you listen to it than ‘Dink’s Song’. It gets its name because John Lomax, who studied folk music, first heard it sung by a woman named Dink in Texas in 1909. John’s son Alan first published... Continue Reading →

Summer’s Freckled Knees

In 2011 the Decemberists released the album ‘The King Is Dead’. It was a departure from their previous albums. It was less an exercise in old British folk tales and impenetrable references, and more an alt-country tinged monument to folk-pop melancholia. I had listened to the band off and on prior to the album’s release.... Continue Reading →

Slow Southern Style

Sultry isn’t a word you would use to describe the Northeast where I grew up. No one makes movies about hot and sweaty Connecticut nights. Clifton Chenier may have visited the Catskill mountains, but that’s not what you hear in his music. Those things all belong to the South, all tangled up between myth, legend,... Continue Reading →

Sunshine and Dirtbags

A couple of nights ago I had the chance to interview a rock band for the first time. I did so in my capacity as a write-at-large for I was pretty nervous going into the interview. I don't necessarily find the idea of talking to musicians intimidating, but I have no idea about protocols... Continue Reading →

Right On All My Guesses

I woke up sad this morning. It’s February 3rd, 2019, the 60th anniversary of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson, otherwise known as the Big Bopper. There is a poem by Robert Frost that says, “Nothing gold can stay” and this was the moment that taught a generation that... Continue Reading →

Ten Bloody Knuckles

The Vansaders had an advantage over other bands that I’ve fallen in love with while seeing them perform for the first time. They played a cover of one of my all-time favorite songs in their set while playing as the opener at my all-time favorite concert. In 2017, Jesse Malin headlined a concert called ‘Strummer... Continue Reading →

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