Oddity Prodigy Productions – The Publishing House and Creative Collective I’m a founding member of.

Oddity Prodigy Productions


Winning Culture – My weekly column on the Philadelphia 76ers.

Winning Culture

Catch up on my old basketball writing over at Roundball Revolution:

 Roundball Revolution

You should be reading The Adventures of Superchum!:

Adventures of Superchum!

My brother has a great comic blog that you should be reading:

Comics Comics Comics

My friend has a wonderful costuming blog that you should be reading:

Green Linen Shirt

My friend has a terrific gaming blog that you should be reading:

Dan Sucks at Gaming

My friend and anthology-partner has a blog all his own that you should be reading:

J Patrick Conlon

My friend has an an Etsy store full of beautiful art. You should check it out:

Marcella Harte

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