Periodically I get the urge to writing something along the lines of a musical biography. The basic idea being tracking all the music I’ve loved and talking about what was going on at the time that I discovered it, or why it meant a lot to me. It always sounds like a fun project with... Continue Reading →

Naming Roulette

I have a pretty basic system when it comes to naming characters in anything I write. I put whatever music source I happen to be listening to at the time on random, and take the name of the artist that comes up next. Once it a blue moon I’ll come up with a name differently,... Continue Reading →

Origins of ‘On The House’

My story in the new anthology ‘Plague of Shadows’ (plug plug plug) is about a couple that is driving across the country on vacation and end up in a weird situation while trying to food late. I won’t give it away because I hope folks will buy the book and whatnot, but I thought I’d... Continue Reading →

The Beach

I'm not totally sure how to use this blog yet. Having recently had some stuff published people kept telling me it was a good idea to have an authors blog, and I agree, but I don't have a lot to say about the process of writing, so this blog will largely be about other things.... Continue Reading →

Out Now – Plague of Shadows!

The brand new anthology from Smart Rhino Press 'Plague of Shadows' is out now! This anthology features my short story 'On The House' which in all honesty might be my favorite thing that I've ever written. I'd he thrilled if you picked up a copy, and let me know what you thought.   It's available... Continue Reading →

Published Author of Fiction

Now that I've got a couple of things published with more potentially in the pipeline, it seemed like the right time to start a new blog. This is that blog. Once it doesn't look like crap, I will start using it. Here's a link where you can buy the issue of Lovecraftiana with my first... Continue Reading →

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