One Perfect Song: Pressure Drop

Last week I got the news that Frederick “Toots” Hibbert had been put into a medical coma after being hospitalized with Covid-19. When I woke up this morning and saw that he had passed away, I wasn’t surprised, but it’s funny how expecting news doesn’t make it any less sad when you get it. Toots... Continue Reading →

One Perfect Song: Backstreets

A few weeks back, rock author Steve Hyden published a list of his 100 favorite Bruce Springsteen songs. You can find it here. It’s a long piece but it’s worth your time if you’re a Springsteen fan or just a fan of passionate rock writing. I’m a fan of both, particularly Hyden, whom I’ve mentioned... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day

It’s another late night. Lately, I think that’s the only time I can write. Once the world goes to sleep, I can put on my headset, play some music, and let my mind wander. As I write this, I’m listening to the new album from Dylan, Rough and Rowdy Ways. He’s been releasing songs late... Continue Reading →

Another Day of Anger

Somehow Bob Dylan knows when I’m in my darkest moments. There’ve been a few over the last few weeks. It seems like each time I feel like giving up on the world and crawling into a hole, he releases a new song. The first was a 17-minute long meditation, next came a smaller five-minute sermon,... Continue Reading →

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