If I Still Believe Come Monday Morning

Somehow I had never heard of the band Avoid One Thing until last week. I was aimlessly scrolling through the social media wasteland when incredible artist Nan Coffey posted that her friend Joe Gittleman had a new album coming out. I pay attention when people who clearly have superior taste (seriously, browse her site) recommend... Continue Reading →

On, Wisconsin

My otherwise dreary Tuesday afternoon was livened up today with the news that Trapper Schoepp has a new album coming out. I wrote about Trapper a few weeks back. He is a singer-songwriter based in Wisconsin. The album features a song called “On, Wisconsin”, named after the University of Wisconsin Badgers fight song. The song... Continue Reading →

All the Freaks Gather Round

The best argument I can make for keeping an open mind about different musical genres and bands is that for the better part of my life one of my favorite bands is a four piece dream pop outfit that broke up in 1996 after releasing only two albums. In my musical biography, Belly are an... Continue Reading →


Periodically I get the urge to writing something along the lines of a musical biography. The basic idea being tracking all the music I’ve loved and talking about what was going on at the time that I discovered it, or why it meant a lot to me. It always sounds like a fun project with... Continue Reading →

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