Trust the Process

My birthday recently past and as a gift my poet friend David Shoemaker wrote a poem for me. I was, and remain blown away by both the gesture and the result. If you saw me on the Captain Blue Hen Comics Creator Spotlight the other night, I mentioned a book by Dave. You should buy it! If not that one, then definitely get his first book, “A Living Art: And Other Poems.”

The poem incorporates a lot of things I love like Warren Zevon, Leonard Cohen, Trapper Schoepp, my gang of mad creatives, the Philadelphia 76ers, and even my own writing.

Anyways, a good friend wrote a poem for me, and that’s just cool as hell. I asked if he minded if I posted it and he said go for it.


Trust the Process

I was in the house

When the house burned down

I knew then that Life’ll Kill Ya

I thought of the things

Leonard Cohen said

And I mumbled “Hallelujah!”

I’m living in Splendid Isolation

Knowing my shit is fucked up.

I’ll never be back

In the High Life again

I might as well just give up.


You can dream a dream

And wake up with a scream

And run out to shout at the sky

But when your days are dark

And your life is stark

“Trust the Process” will be the reply


I was stuck in a storm

In Ogallala

When Drew invited me in

His house was full of friends not yet met

And Laughter, and Beer, and Gin

It occurred to me

That Life’s not so bad

As long as you’re feeling alright.

Driving back home in a red Mercedes

I knew I’d remember that night.


You can dream a dream

That won’t make you scream

And run out to pray to the sky

At the end of your rope

With your heart full of hope

“Trust the Process” will be the reply.


He sat on the beach

Holding the bottle

As if it’s a gift from the Gods

He had published some things

But still didn’t know

How best to make use of his Pods.

He thought about the connections he’d made

And how it took more than just Luck

To pull down the moon, and the stars, and the clouds

And peddle them for a quick buck.

He knew that it took a circle of friends

To challenge and bring out your best

So he gathered his Oddity Prodigy Pals

That others could likewise be blessed.


You can dream a dream

About Fame and Esteem

And lift your voice up to the sky

So when others ask

How you finished the task:

“Trust the Process” will be your reply.

© David T. Shoemaker, April 7, 2020

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