No Sins to Ever Be Forgiven

A few years back, I was at a punk rock festival out in Ohio. One of the groups in the lineup was a band called 'The Street Dogs.' They were an outfit out of Boston made up of guys from other, possibly more well-known, bands like Dark Buster and the Dropkick Murphys. I had gotten... Continue Reading →

I Just Can’t Hear You Anymore

Every city and town has a distinct sound if you have the ears to hear it.  Some are subtle and delicate; some are angry and bombastic; some are coated in grime and desperation. The sound that comes from New Jersey is a kind of primal scream that leaves your throat raw and bloody. The lineage... Continue Reading →

Anyone Who’s Ever Played a Part

It’s the Fourth of July, the fireworks are still going strong, the air is thick with smoke and humidity, and I’m thinking about Lou Reed.  Fear Street Part One: 1984 This evening I watched a movie called “Fear Street Part One: 1994.” It’s a very fun movie if you like horror movies in the vein... Continue Reading →

Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy

Whenever I first hear a new record, I always hear it as a collection of influences. I'll hear bits of this artist and that artist, but it takes a few listens before it begins to sound entirely like the artist. When I first put on the new Trapper Schoepp record, I heard Bruce Springsteen, Tom... Continue Reading →

Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane

Bob Dylan turns 80 today. That number seems both simultaneously too old and too young for an ageless trickster figure like Dylan. There will be plenty of articles written and published about him, some looking forward, some looking back, but all of them trying once again to understand the quicksilver myth of the most American... Continue Reading →

We Might Be Bruised, But We’re Not Broken

I wanted to wait to write about the Mighty Mighty Bosstones newest album, “When God Was Great,” until I got to hear it on vinyl. I imagine that’s pretty nerdy, but I’ve been buying Bosstones albums since listening to them on physical media was the only option, and when you’re in a lifelong relationship, tradition... Continue Reading →

Trying To Get To Shore

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written anything. The last couple of months have been hard, some of the hardest since the pandemic began, and truthfully I think I just ran out of creative energy.  It’s been a bad year for everyone. Covid robbed us all of so much that I’m not... Continue Reading →

The Year Inside

On February 22nd, I made the two-hour drive from my house to the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. I was heading up to see Jesse Malin, Hollis Brown, The Eck’s Men, and Matty Carlock. It’s a long drive, but I was glad to do it. The Stone Pony is a great venue, and that was... Continue Reading →

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